At STRIKESOFT we exist to help business and brands accomplish development online.

You can count on us for extraordinary digital experiences!
Our products and services are engineered to drive your business growth upwards.

We offer a variety of functions and capabilities that are customizable at an extremely affordable price. Your satisfaction is at the heart of all we do and we do all we can to make your business look good online! We understand your business requirements and partner with you to help change your visions into reality. We provide combined marketing strategy, planning, brand development, creative, traditional and digital marketing services and technology solutions. Our design strategists study market challenges, your product features and market positioning and help you by crafting great apps that offer the best Mobile UI/UX possible. We develop organizations and brands online with complete, coordinated techniques, missions and web arrangements. Our administrations Our prosperity.

We are a finished advanced office based in (CITY). Our technique first methodology gives you better outcomes on the web.
As a top promoting office with workplaces in Melbourne, we give total, in house computerized advertising administrations including advanced system improvement, content and media, advanced showcasing efforts, web architecture and advancement, and mission the executives. STRIKESOFT is genuinely full service. We provide combined marketing strategy, planning, brand development, creative, traditional and digital marketing services and technology solutions. As a Digital Marketing & Consulting Agency the STRIKESOFT mantra and positioning statement is Strategy First. Everything we do is centered on strategy. We immerse, workshop, research to uncover and define the key areas of marketing strategy first. Then we think, create and plan sound, powerful, effective strategies and campaigns to serve your business objectives. There is not another full-service, combined consulting & marketing agency model like STRIKESOFT, anywhere. We exist to deliver improvement, advantage and growth to businesses and brands. We’re masterminds, a group of Sages who are committed to working in association with you and your image. We cover the full range of advertising and computerized administrations.

Our responsibility is to guide and support the accomplishment of development for organizations and brands. Our responsibility is to give sound procedures, remarkable missions and advanced answers for accomplish genuine and quantifiable results for your business and brands. The advent of the internet has changed how businesses market their products to the target customer
Today, every brand needs an out-of-the-container way to deal with hit the pinpoint center. Also, they additionally have a functioning on the web presence, and they are using it well by making interests in building content promoting programs.
For any business of any industry, creating frequent, insightful and quality content is a necessary and healthy practice. Businesses must understand that the benefits of quality content are vast and can effortlessly provide a wealth of new value to the brand. While numerous brands decide not to put resources into content creation, others are riding the computerized wave by understanding that substance is the bedrock and lord of all promoting methodologies. Quality Content Builds Trust. Quality content helps in effective communication with prospective customers, establish the business personality and build the credibility of the brand as well. The first impression should be excellent and if it is backed with content that succinctly and quickly offers key information, nothing better than that.
Quality Content Positively Builds Your Brand. Quality Content Improves Conversion Rate. While keywords play an important role in defining the ranking, quality content acts as the backbone.
Any content that is unique, fresh and relevant to the audience offers brands an opportunity to be a step closer to their target audience. Quality Content Helps Engage Better with the Audience.
Brands must also try and identify patterns with the help of Google Analytics data. When a brand understands the importance of good content, they take their content from just being informative to insightful. Brands must remember that quality content creation is an ongoing process that will help them meet their business goals. Brands can either create quality content in-house, outsource it to a digital marketing agency or hire freelancers. If you’re into Google Search Console and you’re actually seeing a lot of traffic and stickiness with certain keywords, you want to shoot those over to your paid media team and make sure that they run their search query reports and it’s part of their mix. Synergies between paid and SEO teams is definitely number one. We work with you in diverse ways to move your business forward, harnessing the unique advantages that accrue from informed e-business. Be it a high impact website, a powerful logo and branding, well-laid out training courses or bespoke software packages, our vast experience and technical skills help companies achieve a strong market presence, transform their business operations, and drive innovation resulting in business growth. At STRIKESOFT, we believe in the power of the internet to transform your business.
We bring you a full range of web design work; right from web development and custom website design, to robust applications and online marketing strategies. Our dedicated team of PHP web developers takes a focused approach to understand you and your business from the inside out, to ensure that every design element works to further your business marketing goals.
Our website design solutions don’t just look good; they work well to create successful business outcomes. The e-commerce sites that we put together for you drive your revenue up through advanced functionalities like email reminders for abandoned shopping carts, engaging pop-up promotions for users, returning user reminders and so on.
When we design or re-design your website, our main aim is to ensure that your business gets noticed. We help you create fresh, inspiring and innovative blog designs and content that are engaging and creative. We create convincing landing pages that speak to your customers and make them commit to your call to action.

Our design team creates custom designs that are unique and in sync with your company branding and colours.Our mobile app development team designs and builds world-class mobile apps that offer thoughtful solutions to user’s problems, and make an impact in the lives of our customers. Our expertise lies in developing Android apps, and iPhone apps, and we work with start-ups and established corporates alike, providing creative and innovative solutions that are tailored to your exact requirements.Our expert software developers get to the core of your business processes to integrate back office business processes and smoothly streamline the information flow within your organization to make the right data-driven decisions.
Using our custom software platform, businesses can standardize and automate their processes to achieve high level of efficiency and escalate productivity.We have expertise in developing the creating a wide range of ERP software development solutions for diverse industry verticals.

We also create specific Enterprise applications that will get all your staff on the same page.Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) are some other areas where we have been able to enhance efficiency for our clients.Save time and effort with our custom live dashboards that bring your data to life, and are easy to edit and use.
Streamline processes by integrating functionality between departments, using interactive modules that allow access to information from other departments.Reports can be created, customized and modified as per your requirement, in order to scrutinize and make the right business decisions.
Get an integrated and holistic view of the platform through the feature-rich modules, and control all your operations and processes more easily.

With the advent of digitization, traditional forms of marketing are losing importance. A vast majority of the consumer society uses social media on a regular basis, making the online marketing platform the smarter way to promote products and services in today world. With measurable advantages that include lower costs, more versatile communication, flexible tools and easier tracking, digital marketing has cemented its place as the number one marketing strategy today.
In order to stay ahead in the race for the number one spot, organizations realize that they cannot succeed unless they invest in digital marketing strategies.

Our Digital Marketing Services include innovative approaches to Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Promotion and so on.
Getting right to the heart of your existing business and creating ways and means to improve your business profitability. Right from analyzing your customer journey to creating winning new marketing tactics. We will revitalize your digital marketing efforts and create and deploy sustainable strategies for success. This direct, immediate channel offers a high ROI on a low investment, and also serves to enhance other means of communication such as email or social media messages. We make sure you have all that needed to invest your marketing spend wisely, and build strategic AdWords PPC campaigns that will help you reach your goals. Social Media optimization uses Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on , through sharing of content that targets a specific demographic. We create content that connects with your audience and stands apart from run-of-the-mill blogs through its relevance and high quality. We help you to build up an email list from the visitors to your website, and send them news updates or special offers, or just remind them that you exist!

Our SEO experts analyze, review and implement changes in your website so that it attracts the maximum traffic, following the latest trends and tools in order to make your website get a top ranking.Your brand should be one that instantly brings to the mind of your customers the image you are trying to project.
It should reflect the mission and vision of your company, and should speak about what your company values.
The right branding solutions will affect every single touch-point a consumer has with your company- they will cut across all marketing collateral and every public image your company showcases.

As such, the design of your brand is more than just a name and logo, as it has to do with all the imaging attributes such as the content, ways of communication, and graphic design of all peripherals. Brand building drives sales, puts your product in the public eye and increases customer/employee acquisition and retention. Our team offers comprehensive corporate branding services and strategy that puts your product instantly in the A-list of all the people who matter. Corporate identity : This includes logo design, stationary, brochure design, visiting cards, business proposals, email signature, invoices, certificates, and so on. Branding on products: Our theme- centric product branding includes New Year and Christmas promos, gifts, conference takeaways, etc. Event marketing: If your company is taking part in any public events such as exhibitions and marketing booths, we can take care of the end-to end promotional materials such as standees, posters, banners, and other collateral. We create brilliant marketing videos that tell your story to the world, and are meticulously planned, prepared and shot to perfection. Professional quality marketing videos need high-definition editing and post production using the best editing software suites, and that is what we provide!
Showcase your brand identity with a complete range of graphic design services that include business cards, stationery, letterheads, envelopes and anything else you need.
This includes online promotions in the form of Corporate brochures, statistics sheets, reports, whitepapers, e-books and mailers, newsletters and social media promotions. We can handle all forms of advertising, including print and online advertising in various websites, magazines public ad banners, etc
Web based learning enhance the students capacity to memorize learned materials, write reflectively about it, narrate it to past experiences, and relate it to their day-to-day lives. Yes, this is the time for you to change to the multimedia based learning experience and we are here to offer you the best.
If you have content we can format it to a mobile friendly version, without losing its essence. We are an old hand in the industry for Bit “sized module development. Mobile learning allows user to learn whenever and wherever possible. The wider access and flexibility attracts more individual regardless of the age. We satisfy our clients with small, responsive, mobile friendly theme created by mobile learners in mind. Gamify your content and maximize enjoyment with interactive learning. Game designs are an appropriate option for engaging and motivating the learners.
Our expertise can refine your existing content using our creative designs and technology. We perfectly blend Game play with subject matter and retain the learning outcomes.
We provide conceptual animations and recorded sessions which are the right mix of instructional learning. Video learning has a high retention rate when compared to other learnings. Video learnings will gratify the visual and auditory senses of learner and will galvanize the cognitive schema. We understand the retention of knowledge and its application is greater when come to experience. Our simulations are skillfully sheltered and simplified varieties of real process.
Simulation based learning are accepted globally as one of the best methodology to train many different disciplines.
Our team is master in providing a learning environment where the learner believes the setting is real and act accordingly in the field. We have a dedicated team for healthcare simulation; this team understands the requirements of a health professional.
Our team is competent in using different technologies power up to engage the group.

This learning style will compel the learner to be a quick learner revitalizing learning. Our instructional designers concentrate more on abstract concepts setting than concrete skill teaching. We provide stupendous options to address assessments, grading, academic reporting and learner interaction for our clients.
Our mission is to continuously Innovate, Inspire, Develop, and Implement technology assisted, end-to-end customer centric solutions which opens global opportunities to learn and share knowledge real time. Our vision is to Enhance Lives through innovative technology that drives a new era of experiential learning, digital development and 360 degree growth.
Our bespoke software creation follows an in-depth analysis and understanding of core customer requirements. Through a thorough understanding of your work processes, we provide smart resolutions for your challenges. We identify the apt technology used by top IT firms in India that can take your business growth to the next level, and implement it in a practical and cost effective manner.
By offering multiple software solutions, training and product support services, we simplify and streamline the functionalities of organizations worldwide.During our association with each client, we sign a contract and become their official/authorized partners in developing their system solutions. Our core management team provides support in adhering to world-class standards in planning, execution and delivery.
This approach helps us to focus on innovation in services, which are adapted and integrated into work processes.
We utilise the combined talent and experience of over a 100 software professionals who are focused on building and customizing the latest software and technology platforms.
Our strong emphasis on technology and customer- centric approach to each project has attracted a loyal customer base.
Always use proper planning for blogging and get blogging ideas with detailed research. You need to understand your targeted audience (both micro and macro level targets) and use proper keywords to ensure the blogs can catch the right audience
If you are not a gifted writer, you can hire a content writer who can write useful blogs for your. It is better if you maintain brand consistency throughout the blog to give your brand a proper identity. Social media strategy and social media optimization. Proper keyword implementation Having a social media page and using it as an engagement platform Thoughtful posts and brand promotion Allowing people to reach to you through the social media You might wonder why a mobile app features in this list. Mobile apps are also a part of SEO services (CITY) and can offer a better digital marketing resource and platform for your brand.
A versatile mobile application can offer existing clients with a helpful and convenient approach to make buys, audit orders, research items, and benefits, and devour portable agreeable substance that you make accessible through the application.
There are many other techniques. You can use applicable digital marketing techniques for your business after discussing a reputed digital marketing profession. Digital marketing is essential if you want to get a better web presence for your brand or business. There are different types of digital marketing techniques. But not every method may be applicable for a particular company. Well, local SEO is the specialized technique in which an SEO expert uses different methods to increase the reach of a business in the local search page and attracts the local customers.

They might be interested in that particular brand or business venture. It has different methods, and often, the techniques of Local SEO services differ from regular SEO.
Local SEO service is excellent for small-time businesses, start-ups, and even mid-range brands.SEO experts use local SEO tools to change and manipulate the local search page to ensure their client gets better visibility and a premium spot in the local service section.The companies which depend on the local customers can get a lot of benefits from the local SEO service.
People often tend to use the keyword” near me” to find nearby businesses on Google or any search bar.

Many SEO Company in India uses similar keywords to give prominence to a business to increase its visibility among internet users.Localizing’ your site implies including your city, area, or district name commonly all through your site.
For organizations with a few places, this could include making separate pages or Content Hubs for particular regions.
Different strategies incorporate engaging with local network occasions and highlighting articles and data about them on the site.

Guarantee your website highlights on reference destinations and online professional listings. It helps in highlighting your organization’s name, address, telephone number, and site URL (NAPW) on reference destinations, and adding additional data to professional listings will help improve your hunt rankings.
It allows your targeted and possible clients to find your business quickly.Having your own Google My Page Listing.
Having a Google My Business page is a crucial advance towards helping your business show on significant Google administrations like Google Maps.

GMB (and its Microsoft comparable, Bing Places for Business) should be one of the main focuses for local SEO services in India.
Getting quality, pertinent backlinks
Naturally acquired backlinks from very much respected sites help web crawlers perceive your webpage as a confided in the wellspring of data. Then it lifts the ‘unmistakable quality part of the local inquiry calculation. Connections from local papers, bloggers, and business relationships, just as references, would all be able to help improve your hunt for permeability. With local SEO techniques and local SEO services, a business can attract nearby and local customers more effectively. Moreover, it also gains a brand image among the nearby targeted audience to grab their attention.
It is effortless and easy and can offer significant advantages among peer businesses with proper attention.
Digital Marketing Best Digital Marketing Techniques How to Use Them with Perfection
Local SEO Service Local SEO Services A Comprehensive Guide for You. SEO Audit SEO Audit All You Need to Know.
SEO for Startups SEO for Startups: Why do need SEO Services for Startups. How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Digital Marketing Industry How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Digital Marketing Industry. StrikeSoft is individuals first, setting need on the wellbeing, bliss and development of individuals. We practice mindfulness, care and a development mentality. We are steady, adjusted and objective.
We are receptive and embrace diversity.
As a marketing agency, knowledge is the foundation of our reason for being. We love knowledge and live to learn.
We seek to be regarded as trusted advisors and knowledge leaders by our clients. As a Marketing agency, the STRIKESOFT mantra and positioning is Strategy First. We are high level thinkers who understand strategy, can think strategically and apply strategy to everything we do. Growth is the outcome we strive to achieve.
We are centered on the growth, as individuals, as a business and as a brand for our clients. Our commitment is to provide sound strategies, outstanding campaign and digital solutions to achieve the real and measurable growth.
As we all know that the major steps for business success are product promotion and for this brand awareness is important. With the help of SEO for startups, you can make the customers familiar with your products and services then they can easily recognize your business.

Since everything is digital now so you don’t need to invest your money & time in advertising your business.
With the help of Affordable SEO Services AUS, it is much easier for you to advertise your business.
SEO for startups will help them to get easily found on search engine sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and many more with just a mouse click. As a startup company, monetary factors are the main considerations. Setting up a company online will surely offer you financial returns but in the future.
So, keeping this in mind, you can choose an search engine marketing company in India that will help you to reach the target market and also offer a stable market for your products as well as services.

Professional SEO services for startups will also help the customers to reach your website, web page, or blog so that you can have generated leads at a cost that will fit in your advertising and sales budget easily. SEO for startups is very helpful because it helps them in making informed business decisions. With minimal effort, startup businesses can easily build relations with their latent clientele. When your business will show up honestly high on the search results, it will automatically build customer trust.
From here, your startup business can easily work towards building respect as well as credibility that is important for a new brand or business depending on digital channels for conversions.

Therefore, building a digital presence is important for all types of startups business and if you want to build your brand in a short time then SEO for startups is the best option.
STRIKESOFT is having team of certified Google Analytics & Google Adwords professionals to serve the best quality ethical SEO services,
Search Marketing services and Social media marketing services along with the bespoke website design and development to assist from small business to large companies with their customized approach.

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