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STRIKESOFT has an acknowledged presence in web designing and website development landscape. Whoever you are and whatever your web purposes are you will get your approach with us. Website development companies are prevalent in the market. Yet, to find out the web designing services can be a bit tricky for you.
STRIKESOFT is there to share your burden. All you have to do is you have to give us your time. And that will the end of your search.
Before this, let us help you to develop your ideas of website services. For many people, they don’t understand the difference between web designing and website development services. At STRIKESOFT, we currently have a highly skilled team working in different capacities as Group Project Manager, Project Managers, Branding, Leads, Conversions, all working with a single objective of providing satisfactory results to our clients .At STRIKESOFT, we have a separate team of research specialization, the core responsibility of which is to closely monitor all campaigns, collate data, conduct tests and refine the process and strategies all the time. At STRIKESOFT, we are proud to say that we are one of the best when it comes to communication and reporting. With project management and online campaign tracking system and availability of live support via phone, instant messaging service and emails we keep our clients updated all the time. STRIKESOFT as a best social media marketing company our social media services ensures that your business gets online visibility especially in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. And our social media campaigns specifically tailored to your business goal. STRIKESOFT is one of the Fastest Growing Social media Marketing Agency in MELBOURNE. During these years STRIKESOFT has developed a robust and result-oriented Social Media Process, which has helped more than 30+ websites achieve Branding and leads and conversions.

Now is the time to tap into ever growing power of Social Media Marketing.Business of all sizes are seeing tremendous results with social media .Social Media is a important platform of online marketing, which uses the power of social media networks to create brand awareness, engage new & existing customers, and encourage conversation about a business. As a best social media agency, we help our clients to determine which social media platforms are most helpful to create brand awareness and mostly used by their customers. The results of our Social Media Marketing reflects how people engage with the content like sharing, liking, commenting, and converting.Our Social Media Marketing team with plan your Social Media Marketing strategy specifically conceived for your brand and your audience.Our social media marketing service will ensure that your business is properly positioned in the social media marketplace, which translates to wider visibility and increased sales.

We will help you to track and improve the reputation of your business in all social media platforms and find out how people perceive your brand.We create and customize all Social media profiles and pages includes quality content and aesthetics that resembles your brand and business to audience.An effective social media strategy will help you grow your business, maintain your social presence and make your audience to engage with you in all platforms.Our social media marketing team will manage all your social media profiles, pages, accounts on your behalf and we will engage with your audience.

The first step to any marketing strategy is research and planning. our team will dedicate approximately three hours of time every week figuring out how your social media appearance should look like. This includes: Reviewing your company goals. Sourcing internal and external content that matches your goals. Outlining your editorial calendar in advance. It all begins with Words and Hashtags. Identifying and creating right keywords and Hashtags is key to campaign’s success. Targeting the right hashtag means getting the right kind of audience . Hashtags Plays vital role in social media. Creating and targeting right hashtags that suits your business will take time but the results will be pretty impressive. Once the plan set, the second step is creating content for regular postings. This mainly includes writing blog posts and articles, which can be shared on social media and in turn drive traffic to your website.

In fact, companies that published 16 or more blogs posts per month got almost 3.5 times more traffic than companies that published between 0-4 monthly blogs. As a best social media marketing agency we work on the content with the help of insights from our clients. We create social media calendars which includes what type of content should share on regular basis in all social media platforms, so that we can make audience engage more.
After you share your content on social media, your marketing team isn’t done you still have to engage with your audience.
The sad truth is that only 20% of social media comments receive a response from the company, which means that most businesses miss out on a valuable opportunity. Engaging your audience is a three-step process to turn customers into brand advocates. Beyond the basic social media sharing and engagement, your team should develop unique social media campaigns. These campaigns enable you to increase lead generation, brand awareness, and website traffic. Another important aspect of any marketing strategy is curating content. Getting your marketing team to spend three hours each week searching the web for insightful and inspiring content to share, is integral to engaging your audience and keeping them interested. It is possible to see the whole idea of digital marketing reconceptualized during the pandemic era.
Our experts in the field of performance marketing take care of your sales. Don’t wait more! Get your website to the top of search engine results with SEO!?
Check out our affordable web design packages.
Just fill your requirements.
Guaranteed results.

The next thing to bear in mind is if the company uses properly licensed and authentic resources to produce the product, otherwise your investment could prove to be a total loss scenario.The next thing to bear in mind is if the company uses properly licensed and authentic resources to produce the product, otherwise your investment could prove to be a total loss scenario.

It is very important to read the habits of customers in that particular region to optimize sales and profit before starting a business The inherently fast-paced and diverse ways of digital marketing make it possible both before and after the pandemic era for new-age business ads. Most companies suffered a serious downturn during the initial spark of the pandemic at the beginning of the year 2020 as everyday life came to a standstill.
Work from home became a new normal, and people began to transfer their business to the internet. We have seen in all these months how the brick and mortar companies have made their presence online and created much more revenue than before.
Now that all is increasingly being normalized, by implementing the top digital marketing strategies in their sector, we can see how companies earn good revenue. We find the channels of your target group for you. We work data-driven“ and successfully for numerous customers. Clear goals, the measurability of success and orientation towards the user are always important to us.
Regardless of whether Google Ads, SEO optimizations, special campaigns or social ads: With our performance expertise we can also increase your sales! Its no secret that in the last few years, the way we shop has dramatically changed. Online consumers are investigating companies like they are Googling a blind date. They need to realize that your organization is trustworthy, and, most importantly, that you have nearby locations. People wont spend hours scouring the Internet to locate a place near them, no matter how famous the company is. They can afford to be picky, because at the nearest companies with the highest star ranking, they can now find the best offers. Localizing the marketing plan of your company would make sure that when customers are searching for companies like yours, you can be identified. There are three, MSN, Yahoo and Google, yet MSN and Yahoo appear to take action accordingly with whatever Google does. On the off chance that you apply your systems into what you do with Google, it winds up working for the other search engines.
The relationship between web design and SEO is a dynamic one, and it is not quite understood by many site owners.
Given that website design has to do with visual elements, and how a site is found is influenced by SEO, it can seem like they are entirely different sides of an equation.
Website designers and SEOs perform very distinct roles, and you should not expect one to do the work of the other.
In collaboration with web design, SEO is best done, and it doesn’t have to be hard to develop the website design.
When designing your website, keep these steps in your mind, and you will soon start to see the higher rankings.
We strive to bridge the much-needed gap of online and offline marketing for our brands hence giving sustainable marketing and faithful engaged fans till eternity.
We make this conceivable by utilizing devices and advances that are.
less expensive
easier to measure
more engaging
A logo is a standout amongst the most important parts of an organizations Brand Identity. Logos, utilizing typography, iconography and Illustration, outwardly convey information about a business. In any case, it’s difficult to outwardly emerge if your character looks like a large number of others.
It’s insufficient for your logo to be adaptable.
Logo creators and conventional layouts wont leave an enduring impact on your gathering of people and wont give you a unique brand character.Basically: theres not all that much, custom or splendid about moment logos when you make your own logo configuration utilizing a logo producer, pre-made logo layouts, or when those logos are made by an AI from formats.
We enable customers to get the ideal custom logo online at a reasonable cost, planned by expert logo originators utilizing a drastically basic logo configuration process.
You’ll pick from a wide range of logo plan ideas made to your necessities. It’s never been easier to get the perfect logo designed by experienced graphic designers that will wow your customers and set you apart from your competitors.
Beyond the basic social media sharing and engagement, your team should develop unique social media campaigns.
These campaigns enable you to increase lead generation, brand awareness, and website traffic. No social media marketing strategy is complete without analytics. Every week your team should spend at least 3.5 hours reviewing your social analytics to discover what drove the top results. We should analyze where audience was most active, which content generated leads, and what trends your business should follow. Once you’ve planned, created and curated all of your content, it’s time to start sharing everything throughout social media. Keep in mind that each social media channel whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube , every platform has its own tone and style that should guide the way you craft your content to make it stick.
Life happens. An effective Social Media Manager is someone who is prepared to deal with contingencies. There’s no accounting for when the unexpected happens. Team should spend at least three hours a week in case you need to conduct extra research, solve problems and post unscheduled content. Online businesses reach consumers in two distinct ways; organically and inorganically.
PPC services come under the inorganic part of digital marketing.
Search engines like Google, Bing etc. allow the different advertiser to display their ads above or below the search engine results. Every time viewers click on those ads search engines get paid.. There are different ratings for different business and different keywords. Google Ad Words campaigns are the most acclaimed digital campaign in the digital advertising landscape.
Along with google we are also specialized in using platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, Twitter etc. for our PPC services.
Through these platforms, we can reach 90 per cent consumers all across the world. You will get the best results out of our integrated digital campaigns. In STRIKESOFT, you will be facilitated by the finest PPC services in MELBOURNE. PPC refers the Pay per click online advertising model categorized and controlled by several search engines available. It is also known as CPC i.e. Cost per click model. This digital model gives opportunities to small and medium-sized business to compete with large business bodies. There are thousands of products and services And one can run paid campaigns for all their lives.
Digital publishers enable advertisers to showcase their products and services for a limited period of time to reach to their customers. In STRIKESOF, you will be able to enjoy all kinds of PPC services prevalent in the digital industry. We create a different digital model of advertisement for different clients.
Search engine marketing is beneficial to get those consumers who are actually making searches for your products and services.
We plan and run paid campaigns in popular search engines to generate huge traffic for your website.
Video ads are the most engaging type of digital advertising model.

Businesses can create a profound consumer attachment to this kind of PPC services.
Our expert will lead you towards establishing a unique brand image and generating more traffic.
Not all consumers are looking for your products and services.
It is possible that maybe they are not aware of your products and services.
Display advertising model gives businesses the scope to reach the relevant audience across the internet.
STRIKESOFT creates effective banners for you and ensures your reach to the audience.
If you are into e-commerce business, shopping ads are the best for you.
STRIKESOFT fully supports creating huge brand exposure which helps you to compete with market leaders.
Businesses that have mobile apps or have mobile-specific products and services are prone to use mobile marketing model.
We design responsive ad banners, especially for mobile users.
It will help you to reach wide numbers of mobile audiences. E-mail marketing is an important part of mobile marketing.
Remarketing Ad campaigns target those audiences who have already visited your website through different channels.
Through our well-constructed remarketing ad campaigns we will help you to get success in business conversion.
It is not for everyone to understand.
Let’s take an example of a car. Engines and other technical configurations are similar to the website development services.
Web developers deal with coding languages, texts which make the website active.
There are not visual things. You can sense their active presence in the motion of a website.
Web developers need to have a strong command over languages like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS etc.
To understand web designing you should focus on visual things.
When you are purchasing a car what are the things that catch your senses; the colour and finishing of the car, the outer design
of the car etc.
Web designers add an aesthetic look to your website.
They need to have skills like Photoshop, graphics, user experience tools and related things.
If you have a small business, static website design can be the best for you.
It will give you the chance to demonstrate your product portfolio online.
Dynamic design suits advanced business plan. These designs give you the scope of frequent content, video and image alteration.
These web development services help you to create your unique brand image in your website.
You may already have a website. But maybe it is not working in a way you want. STRIKESOFT helps to maintain a functional website. We check the website and add the necessary upgradation.
Mobile Marketing refers to the updated version of online marketing services involving plenty of mobile promotions through responsive mobile apps, websites and relevant mobile marketing tools.
Mobile has become an important part of human life.
People easily connect mobile marketing experiences with social media reviews before making their shopping decisions.
Mobile usages have drastically changed the behaviour of the consumers. Huge numbers of purchases are done via mobile apps.
With a strong and robust mobile marketing strategy, you can reach maximum audience and create an everlasting bond with them.
If you are still away from mobile marketing, it is the high time to enter.
Mobile Marketing can facilitate your business in several ways.
You can go for direct SMS or MMS marketing to reach your audience.
You can showcase banner ads on mobile websites and apps.
Or you can also run a paid campaign on Google search. They are super quick in reach.
Mobile marketing is definitely a better way to keep connected with your audience. Automated notifications on delivery, appointments, products or services updates are ways to keep your customers engaged and satisfied.
Responsive Mobile marketing services enable the consumers to submit their opinion against the products and services of the businesses concerned. You can add customized buttons like ‘click on the link’, ‘reply’ or ‘call back’ to secure quick communication with your customers.
Feedbacks of the customers are the most important things to consider while rephrasing your mobile marketing strategies.
You can easily integrate response routing with your mobile marketing practice for further interpretation of consumer responses.
Mobile marketing platform is expanding day by day.
New channels of mobile marketing services are emerging in creating a broader arena of business and opportunities.
Web Analytics is a measurement tool to catch traffic records and make reports on the visitor’s behaviour on your website.
Google Analytics is the most acknowledged tool which helps the businesses to access web analytics services. It’s a free tool.
Anyone having a website can utilize this tool.
It is not actually an easy task to control and observe such a bulk amount of data and analyze.
You need the help of digital experts.
In STRIKESOFT you need not worry about anything. Just be with us. We will make it easy for you.
Every single visitor comes to your website from any possible sources fall under the measurement of Google Analytics.
How many people are visiting your website?
Where do they belong?
What are they looking for on your website? What they liked and disliked in your websites?
Web Analytics gives a complete access to every data coming to your website.
We connect your business website to Google analytics.
We observe, preserve and extract important data for you.
Data is everything. Out expert analysts understand how to utilize data for successful business.
After measuring and extracting we develop reports on your website data.
This gives you an insight into your digital presence and enlarges your room for introspection.
We analyze web analytic reports harmoniously with your business goals and objectives.
We help you optimize your website contents, product or service presentation, online marketing strategies on the basis of web analytics report.
It will surely boost your business and enable you to get more conversations.
On the basis of the report, we analyse the report while at the same time connecting them with your business philosophy.
We will know by this report how to modify your online business strategy to attract massive and relevant audiences.
We work as a concrete Site Audience guide. (Visits, New Vs returning, average time on site)
We capture Traffic Sources for your website. (Campaigns, direct, referring sites, organic search)
We categorize site contents for your website. (Top landing pages, top exit pages, time on page, bounce rate, on-site search keywords)
You can easily contact your all customers regularly with emails.
Regular contact with your whole set of database creates a bond between the emailers and recipients.
Fresh memory of your products and services are influential in their purchasing decisions.
Tracking tool of email marketing services will help you to earn loyal customers.
It is quite a cost-effective mean in comparison to other online marketing tools available.
Email Marketing services are equipped with advanced reporting and tracking facilities. You can easily calculate the following metrics in order to modify your online marketing strategies. Thousands of company out there send bulk email to their subscribers. Your email is one of them. In Digital Corsel, we ensure that your email will remain on the top of the mind of your subscribers.
We design your email template in such a way that suits your brand image and business philosophy.

In STRIKESOFT, after considering the business website and customer strategy, we plan and execute a unique version of email marketing strategy for your business.
Testing the effectiveness of those emails is crucial. Untested emails can create the wrong impression on the mind of your precious subscribers.
We make your email marketing services responsive to mobile devices. Most of your subscribers are mobile users.
Responsive emails will help to create a long-lasting bond with your client.
It is important that your subscriber gets emails from you regularly. Otherwise, there are chances that your emails will find their place in the spam filter.
We assure you the continuous engagement with your clients. Don’t delay much. Boost your business with advanced Email Marketing Services of STRIKESOFT. Contact Now!

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